JOBMASTER’s objective out of the Recruitment Outsourcing Projects is to support their clients to fulfill their hiring needs within specific period. This is done by providing one or more recruitment consultants on the client’s premises for a period ranging from 1 to 5 days a week to handle the recruitment and selection process and operations under the supervision of a senior consultant. 


How we do it


  • Head Count Plan:

JOBMASTER recruitment consultants arrange with the employer the head count sheet and make sure that all the job openings are approved or in the process of getting approved.


  • Sourcing:

As HR recruitment consultants, we search for suitable candidates from all available resources to be able to fulfill the required vacancies: Internal Posts, Client’s Data-Base, Walk-ins, Client’s Website, Employment Fairs, Employment Advertisements, online websites, recruitment agencies and any other suitable sources.


  • CVs Screening Process:

We initially screen and conduct phone screening for all available CVs, to be able to recommend the matching CVs for the interested line managers.


  • HR Interviews:

Once we get approval from line managers with regards to suitable CVs, we proceed to interview and assess the candidate.


  • Line Managers Interviews:

Our HR recruitment consultants arrange interview schedules for line managers and follow up with them to get their feedback on the candidates. If the candidate is accepted, JOBMASTER recruitment consultants proceed to complete the hiring process or an apology letter in case the candidate has been unsuccessful. All candidate CVs are kept on the JOBMASTER data base.


  • Analysis and Statistics:

Our recruitment consultants are responsible for documenting all inputs and outputs from each recruitment and selection stage or process, to analyze the strengths and weaknesses, and to guide us for any related decisions or actions.


We also generate a monthly report indicating the request date, no. of CVs sent to line managers, acceptance vs. refusal ratio, reasons for rejection, source of the CVs, etc.


  • Hiring Policy and Procedures

We also supervise the hiring process and ensure its alignment with the client’s employment and hiring policy and procedures.


What we deliver





  • Cost effective & Optimal resources utilization
  • Stability for the Recruitment Team.
  • Improve company focus as the Recruitment function is less time consuming to manage and controls the recruitment process.
  • Improves your company’s efficiency.
  • JOBMASTER’s expertise as senior recruitment consultants responsible for supervising the assigned resources.
  • Assigning a dedicated team or HR recruitment consultants on-site and/or remote management.
  • Making sure that the function or assignment is proceeding as planned.
  • JOBMASTER develops clear KPIs for each assignment.
  • Back office support.
  • Improve your customer service “Line Managers & Candidates.”
  • A lower risk of delays and failure for our clients’ recruitment function due to the availability of resources, specifically the know-how of our recruitment consultants.