How to ensure Mentoring & Coaching Effectiveness? image

How to ensure Mentoring & Coaching Effectiveness?

The Mentoring and coaching impact on the individuals working in an organization might be greater when the below points are considered:

The employees should first accept both approaches, as they might perceive these approaches as a “Management ploy” and not as what they are meant to be “a way to embrace individuals’ potentials”.

- When the organization has a collaborative atmosphere, where the workforce has the needed commitment and willingness to develop themselves and the professional learning is productive.

- The workforce professional learning needs that must be obtained should be recognized by the management, in order to be able to raise the organizational standards.

- To be able to incorporate mentoring and coaching sessions, the individual’s work related tasks should be redefined.

- There should be an evaluation about the mentoring & coaching outcome on the employees and the organization as well.

- The assigned mentors/coaches should have the required skills and qualities to conduct any of the approaches. In addition, they should provide continuous help and support when necessary for the employees progress and development.

- Both parties – Individuals and mentors/coaches – should have the willingness to listen and should be enthusiastic.

- The individuals should be aware of the responsibility and need to accomplish professional development.

Both, mentors and coaches need to consider the below points in order to set up the right mentoring/coaching procedure:

- What are the individual’s goals? How do they see themselves in a certain position or task? And generally what is their current work situation?

- What does the individual seeks to do? And what does are the challenges that they are facing? What are the options they have to achieve their goal?

- Relationship with the individual, will they lead the programme? Or should the mentor/coach lead it themselves?

The good thing is that both the individuals and their mentors/coaches benefit from both approaches. In addition, they develop a good working relationship as the manager usually takes the responsibility of coaching the employees and the employees see their managers having the intentions of helping and guiding them developing their full potentials, resulting in touching the individuals’ professional and personal aspects.

When focusing on performance improvement, the individual will eventually realize that there are personal problems to be considered. Mentoring/coaching execution in the workplace will have a great impact on the overall development of the organization and individuals.

Accordingly, both programs should be incorporated in the organizational system as a regular practice.