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Why do some good companies go bad and others thrive?

Did you ever ask yourself why do some corporate giants fail to change?

 1  70% of change efforts fall short of desired results!

McKinsey Global Institute
The problem today is not an inability to take change action but an inability to take appropriate action, organization leaders seek solutions in the wrong place. The biggest challenge to most of the successful companies happen when they face big changes in their environment, they often fail to respond effectively.

Unfortunately some ultimately manage to recover usually after painful losses but many don’t.
                                                                                                                             Harvard Business review


Is your company complacent?4

Some describe complacency in business – where organizations are uneager to improve and change – as a silent business killer that strikes without warning and can bring even the biggest and the brightest companies to their knees.
Don’t you think it may happen? It does, every day. It happens to small and big businesses. It does not care of your size or history. You should be ready and well equipped; however, you should not start making changes in your company until you have a good understanding of your current organization. But take care that your need and desire to change should not create a false sense of urgency that leads to a lot of energized actions, but driven by anxiety, anger and frustration. Make sure that your sense of urgency does not divert your focus to win.
 Remember always “keep your eye on the ball”