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Develop a professional and friendly user system of online recruitment with a huge database at different career levels as well as in different fields, in order to provide our customer with the following:


For the Employer

                       ·         Screening/Short listing Online Databank

                       ·         Online Tests

                       ·         Scheduling interviews

                       ·         Conducting HR Interviews/Competency Based Interviews


Job seeker

  • Access to available job vacancies through a wide range of companies.
  • Maximize the pool of opportunities upon creating an online profile through:

                      ·         Applying on the posted jobs

                      ·         Approaches by employers

                      ·         Approaches by JOBMASTER back office team




How we do it for Employers


It is a simple and straight forward process: 

  1. Create a company profile
  2. Activate the profile
  3. Search for candidates and Job seekers (without contact information)
  4. JOBMASTER may provide support when needed
  5. Choose an appropriate package
  6. Activate the package after payment to get contact information for online profiles
  7. Information on how to use the system to obtain maximum benefit
  8. Posting jobs and searching for CVs
  9. Ongoing back office support and follow up upon need





We have developed more value added services to enable our clients to maximize their benefits.

  • Interviewed Candidates through HR or Competency Based Interviews
  • Screened Candidates
  • Scheduling Interviews for chosen candidates
  •  Hot Jobs for more exposure
  • Online Tests
  • Packages Subscription: We have developed comprehensive packages combining all services and support in order to fulfill and maximize our client’s benefits.
  • Different types of search and keyword search.
  • Back office support: We provide full support to candidates and employers by our internal recruiters.
  • Trial phase for clients: Clients will be able to use our search tool for free to view the jobseekers’ profiles without access to their contact details. JOBMASTER provides such a service to support its clients’ decision, by having an overview of the available online profiles before subscribing.