This service is designed especially for Small & Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) which are aiming to grow embarking on the development of Human Capital capabilities. In such cases they need professional support but not on daily basis. This is where we as a human resources consultancy come in. We offer our expertise on a part-time basis digging deeply in all of the HR function operational aspects. Accordingly, SMEs enjoy a professional service based on their real needs benefiting from JOBMASTER’s wide market exposure.


Our intervention as an HR consultancy firm varies according to the clients' needs.


Our role may include all HR Operation Functions even in the long term when the client requests us to act on behalf of the Human Resources department. Additionally we may be responsible for a certain HR function such as recruitment, performance appraisal, etc.


Alternatively, the clients' situation may only require that we investigate and examine the situation and provide a set of recommendations that are to be implemented by JOBMASTER or our HR consultancy service could end at that point.


Our on-site presence is limited to the project team player. However they are backed-up by our centralized back-office team which ensures the knowledge transfer among all teams.


How we do it



What we deliver


These depend mainly on specific project needs.




  • Securing the implementation of the modules designed by the HR consultancy.
  • Wide exposure of our team keeps the clients updated with the market dynamics.
  • Service continuity.