Our job is to identify and fulfill our client’s manpower needs by hiring the best fit candidate/s in the vacant job positions.


How we do it

  • Clearly identify client needs :

The starting point of this process is to accurately identify client needs. This is done through a proper analysis of the position’s requirements to design the proper job description, the required competencies as well as the soft and technical skills needed. This is then followed by a phone conversation to clarify any vague points and to further understand the organization’s characteristics and organizational culture and consequently finalize the Candidate Best-fit Profile (CBP).


  • Searching and sourcing through database and different channels:

After approving the most accurate Candidate Best-fit Profile (CBP), the search and sourcing stage begins. At this stage a professional recruiter searches through the JOBMASTER direct database as well as other sources including but not limited to referrals , online tools, professional channels , social channels and other suitable sources, in order to reach potential resumes that match the predetermined (CBP) and offer the most accurate placement services to our clients.


  • Interviews & Assessments:

At this phase, the recruiter interviews the potential candidates to ensure that their competencies match the predetermined (CBP), and verify that their technical skills and cultural background match the job requirements, job description and the organizational culture. This is done through face to face or phone interviews following the Competency Based Interviews (CBI) methodology.


  • Short listing & follow up:

Once the most appropriate candidates have been screened, we forward the short listed ones to the client and handle all logistic arrangements in terms of interview and test scheduling and any other arrangements needed. Furthermore, our recruiters will follow on with our clients to work as business advisors and to receive their feedback on the candidates and modify search if needed.


  • Hiring:

At this stage, our recruiters support the client in the offer negotiation and explanations with the candidate. Their role as advisors to the candidates is the key to their acceptance of offers since they will mostly feel at ease discussing these offers with professional and reputed advisors.

  • Follow Up:

Furthermore, our recruiters will follow on with our clients to work as business advisors and to receive their feedback on the candidates and modify search if needed.




What we deliver








JOBMASTER is known for its distinguished approach to the market:


  • Senior and Middle Management Database: A complete database of references and contacts for Senior and Middle Managers.


  • Candidate Database: Screening throughout JOBMASTER’s huge database, which contains around 100,000 profiles in addition to external sources.


  • Interviewed Candidates: All sent candidates are interviewed face to face to ensure their qualifications and matching to the required positions.


  • Confidentiality: All our recruitment processes benefit from a secret and confidential procedure for both client and candidate.


  • Professionalism: We make sure that all the CVs we send to clients are the most recent and updated. We also ensure that we get our candidates’ approval before sending out the CVs to our clients. Additionally a CV will not be sent to multiple clients at the same time.


  • Speed:  Our standard agreement is to provide 3 CBP in three working days.


  • Working closely with OUR Customers: We are flexible in terms of understanding the customer needs and tailoring solutions that match his/her needs, while working as his/her trusted advisors.


  • Head hunting approach: One of our approaches is to directly headhunt, suitable candidates, therefore giving our client access to direct search and headhunting services of high standards, with conventional recruitment financial terms.