The objective of this service offered by JOBMASTER to its clients is to conduct a balanced evaluation of candidates through Employment tests, using diversified questionnaires, test methodologies and techniques. This will help organizations reach the most accurate selections of the right potential and development decisions that have an investment perspective. It can also be used as a kind of filtration process that helps organizations in narrowing down available choices of candidates.


How we do it


Assessment Questionnaires and Testing are a refined process for identifying and comparing candidates' performance against a set of competencies. The method by which these tools are designed to measure the candidates’ capabilities, strengths and development areas ensures that each candidate is given an equal opportunity to demonstrate his/her ability. These are Assessment tools that Human Resource professionals can benefit from when make an employment decision.


Types of Assessment Questionnaires & Testing


  1. Questionnaires

    -    Psychometrics

  • OPQ
  • CCSQ


  1. Tests

    -    Ability

  • Verbal
  • Numerical
  • Scenarios
  • Aptitude:

-  Verbal:  Understanding and reasoning using concepts framed in words. It aims at evaluating ability to think constructively, rather than at simple fluency or vocabulary recognition.

-Numerical: measures how well the candidate interprets data, graphs, charts or statistics & test basic arithmetic.

- Diagrammatic: measure your ability to infer a set of rules from a flowchart or similar diagram and then to apply those rules to new situation.

- Spatial: Ability to perceive or solve problems associated with relationships between objects or figures, including position, direction, size, form, and distance


 General Brief


  1. Psychometric:


This form of measurement is designed to assess employment suitability including company-candidate fit. This is done through the process of identifying a candidate's relevant capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, intelligence along with aptitude and personality.


  • Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ):

It is a detailed self-report questionnaire, providing in-depth information which describes behavior, preferences and attitudes in relation to different key job competencies, focusing on how an individual approaches a job rather than the ability to perform it.


  • Customer Contact Style Questionnaire (CCSQ):

It is a targeted version of the OPQ which focuses on the behavioral characteristics that are most important when candidates come in contact with their clients. It provides valuable information on an individual's preferred approach based on sixteen personality characteristics which strengthen performance on key job competencies. Dimensions are grouped into three areas: relationship with people, thinking styles, emotions and control.


  1. Ability Tests:


Focuses specifically on the extent to which a candidate is able to carry out various aspects of a job. It Assessment of the candidates’ verbal ability to recognize complex written reports and numerical ability to understand the relationship between pieces of numerical information to complete relevant operations needed to solve particular problems.


  • Verbal Reasoning :

Measures the ability to evaluate the logic of various kinds of arguments, focusing on the candidate’s capability to effectively pay attention and communicate business related concepts in a verbal form.


  • Numerical Reasoning:

Measures the ability to execute accurate arithmetic analysis and inferences and to understand and present conclusions regarding numerical data.


  • Scenarios:

It is a unique management test which measures the candidate’s ability to weigh up ‘real life’ managerial situations and decide on appropriate and effective ways of handling them. Ratings are provided on the key components of:

  • Managing Objectives
  • People Management
  • Reputation Management


What we deliver 



Standard reports will be delivered by JOBMASTER to the client, including a capability/competency matrix for each employee indicating their present capability levels aligned with tests scores. These reports may also include a general competency matrix comparing the employees as a group to the international norms, as well as individual measurements against each competency or behavior indicator.



  • JOBMASTER provides the Questionnaire, Tests and Reports in the format that best meets customer needs and requirements. Questionnaires & Tests can be done on computer or paper & pencil. Furthermore these JOBMASTER customized test reports can be in the form of a hard or soft copy.


  • JOBMASTER’s Assessment testing makes use of Individual Assessments, Questionnaires & Testing, and targeting different managerial levels: Fresh graduates, Middle management and higher management.


  • Technology: Automated Assessment Center System with the back office support that helps us have a high level of accuracy and speed in delivering the reports.