One of the core foundations of an organization’s development is its HR department and structure. JOBMASTER’s Public Training Solutions ensures the sound establishment and growth of an organization and its departments, through professional HR experts and consultants that deliver practical knowledge and expertise of various HR topics and trends to tackle day to day work challenges. 


How we do it


JOBMASTER HR consultants and experts focus on the latest HR related topics and trends in the market that not only cover core knowledge, but practical expertise and application. Targeting levels from junior to middle management

 JOBMASTER ensures a keen, proficient outcome by presenting the entire needed modules of the HR consultant, whereby the implementation can be carried out in a professional and expertise manner.  


What we deliver

  • HR consultants provide all HR training modules needed for the development of an organization’s structure and department
  • The client receives technical information and tactics to face daily work challenges
  • Practical knowledge and expertise are practiced in different HR topics and latest trends, supported by real-life case studies of expert HR consultants. 



  • JOBMASTER extends practical and applied knowledge and expertise for the effective training and development of its clients and organizations.
  • Practically applying all the learned modules in the workshop through case studies, exercises and role plays.
  • The HR Public Training modules are provided by HR expert consultants in Egypt, with extensive experience and weight in the HR field, who are also an imperative subject matter of cases applied in the HR training modules to be able to tackle day to day work challenges.
  • JOBMASTER provides direct access to HR consultants and professionals.
  • JOBMASTER maintains a valuable and long term relationship with clients and experts in the HR field.