Throughout an individual’s career, she/he is faced by many crucial decisions which will define the professional direction, development and eventually success. This is why everyone needs guidance at different milestones to provide support and advice on the best route to take. This is what we do at JOBMASTER’s Career Development Center. Through this service we provide individuals with the opportunity to evaluate their current capability and potential versus different competencies and job levels using a world renowned methodology of Assessment.

Once these capabilities have been determined and benchmarked against those essential for a particular job or job level, it will be easier to determine if there are any gaps that need to be filled or any skills that require development. JOBMASTER’s Individual Development Center (IDC) is the perfect tool to benefit from, for professionals at different levels of their career, fresh graduates who are about to join the job market or even senior year students at universities.


How we do it


At the IDC each candidate should select directly, or with our support, the level (supervisory, managerial, or director) that he would like to be measured against and the competencies that he/she would like to measure (max 6 competencies per time). The Assessment day will be conducted by a qualified certified assessor, who will then provide the candidate with a feedback session about his performance and scoring in relation to the measured competencies. The following day, the candidate will receive a summary report describing his performance on the Assessment day against the preset competencies


 What we deliver


  • Individual Assessment report.
  • A one to one session at the end of the Assessment day.
  • An Individual Development Plan (IDP) which includes our consultants’ recommendations and guidance on which skills and areas need development and how.



  • Candidates using the IDC service will ultimately benefit from the experience of JOBMASTER in the job market and specifically in the field of recruitment. Drawing upon its strong partnerships with many clients in diverse industries, JOBMASTER can help candidates gain insight on what organizations expect, and what skills they look for in their employees.



  • Arabic and English tools are available, and accordingly we may conduct the Assessment Centers in both languages.


  • The Research and Development function within JOBMASTER, has helped us develop our own reliable and effective Assessment tools, which match our domestic culture and needs.


  • JOBMASTER employs a superior pool of qualified  internal full time  assessors.


  • An automated Assessment Center System (back-office) that helps us achieve a high level of accuracy and speed when delivering the reports.


  • More than 2500 Assessment days were conducted covering more than 9,000 Employees in different companies.