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Reward Management

Reward Management is concernd with the formulation and implementation of strategies and policies that aim to reward people fairly, equitably and consistently in accordance with their job value to the organization.

Pay is one of the important component of reward management- after all, it is one of the main reasons why people work. Reward Management is not only concerened with current employees pay but it has vital impact on the recruitment and retention of talented people, that's why it became a more sensitive and controversial area.

Our Reward Management solution is based in our "JOBMASTER Evaluation Tool" (JET) which is the result of applied experience and continuous research since 2003. The JET is a user friendly tool, characterized by simplicity and accuracy.

JOBMASTER's Reward Management Solution takes you through a series of activities that will ensure for you organization the best fit Reward Management system:

  1. Job Evaluation, Grading & Leveling

  2. Pay Strategy & Pay Structure

  3. Salary & Benefits Structure

  4. Salary Adjustments

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