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Competency Modeling

Competency is  the measurement unit of HR systems nowadays. It is basically the knowledge, skills, attitudes and other personal characteristics that affect how the individual approached his or her job requirements, duties and responsibilities from different aspects such as communication with others, achieving objectives, analyzing situations, handling conflicts, and other job related activities.


The main objective of Competency Modeling is to link every individual’s capabilities and preferences to each job requirements in order to build up the organization’s core competence.


Building on our Hand-on Experience in Competency Modeling, JOBMASTER partnered with international Competency Based Solutions Firm RIVERWAVES to provide you with the RIVERWAVES COMPETENCY MODEL. Tailoring your specific Competency Model by Integrating & Transforming your organization's Wision, Mission & Values, into a batch of Core Competencies for the whole organization as well as Competencies for Individual Departments, using te RIVERWAVES Competency Model. 

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