The process of establishing a shared understanding about what is to be achieved and how it is to be achieved is today’s definition of Performance Management.


The former Performance Appraisal Systems which focused only on what each employee technically achieved, are no longer valid or are at least with minimum value. Mixed models including Competency evaluation (the What) as well technical objectives (the How) are the current trend. While designing our clients’ Performance Management Systems, we are building a development tool for both; the organization to make the best use of its Human Capital, and for the candidate to enhance his or her capabilities to support their Career Path.


We are not limiting our support to just the design phase, but we extend it to the training and coaching of managers to get the highest benefit from the designed system through practical workshops and training sessions. We also transfer our know-how to our clients’ HR teams, thus, allowing them to analyze the exercise outcome and to discover bugs within the process.



How we do it


  • Understanding the business dimensions and defining the appraisal system’s objectives and constraints. 


  • Designing the appraisal policies and procedures. 


  • Conducting appraisal training sessions for managers and supervisors who will be assigned to conduct appraisal sessions to their subordinates. The system will emphasize the objectives setting process, conducting the appraisal interviews, as well as different ways of motivating and developing employees. 


  • Facilitating the objectives session process with managers and supervisors.


  • Preparing the performance appraisal forms for each position. 




What we deliver


  • Performance appraisal policy and procedures. 
  • Performance appraisal form for each position. 
  • Training supervisory levels.





  • Customized workshops: To acquaint Line Managers with the designed model. 


  • Validation to Performance Management System: Through implementation support and where the alignment with reality is enhanced and proved. 


  • Feedback: Any feedback on the implementation process is received through the workshops. 


  • Automated Appraisal System: Possibility of creating an automated appraisal system based on the client’s designed system. (Not provided within the basic module). 


  • Huge databank of KPI's per profession/job: These KPIs are generated from line managers, who are the most experienced individuals to set them in each of their own specific disciplines.