• Hosting international experts in the latest topics of HR.


  • Providing reference points for HR knowledge and new practices in the HR Field in Egypt and the region.


  • Bringing the latest HR practices to the region.






How we do it

  • Interactive workshop style involving case studies, role plays and group exercises.
  • Hosting international expert in the latest topics of HR.
  • Hands on experience.
  • Targeting middle management to higher management levels



What we deliver

  • HR consultants provide all HR training modules needed for the development of an organization’s structure and department.
  • Opportunity to discuss and test various ideas and to establish what may work for your company.
  • The client receives technical information and tactics to face daily work challenges.
  • Practical knowledge and expertise are practiced in different HR topics and latest trends, supported by real-life case studies of expert HR consultants.
  • Various tools and techniques, as well as information on the latest advanced trends and developments.




  • JOBMASTER brings you the best global HR experts to deliver courses and qualifications on the latest topics in the HR field.
  • JOBMASTER extends practical and applied knowledge and expertise for the effective training and development of its clients and organizations.
  • The HR International Training modules are provided by global HR expert consultants, with extensive experience and weight in the HR field, who are also an imperative subject matter of cases applied in the HR training modules to be able to tackle day to day work challenges.
  • JOBMASTER provides direct access to HR consultants and professionals.
  • Networking with like minded HR professionals from different organizations and sharing your experience.
  • JOBMASTER maintains a valuable and long term relationship with clients and experts in the HR field