•       Our edge is that our Employment Fairs are considered a recruitment process not an event Management, since Candidates are pre-screened and it’s an invitation based fair. JOBMASTER provides both the organization and job seekers with different levels and types of competencies to meet large number of top notch organizations and calibers.


•       It also aims at providing both individuals and organizations with training opportunities through the participation of training centers and institutes.


How we do it


At JOBMASTER we have separate methodologies for clients, candidates, vendors & partners. Here we look at the candidates’ methodology explaining the screening process.




What we deliver


JOBMASTER provides 6 employment fairs a year at different locations and venue in order to achieve and provide the candidates and organizations the work life balance.

                   1. Misr International University

Targeting MIU graduates and Senior Students

Attendees Range 1500

2.  VEDEO Employment Fair

The VEDEO Employment Fair is considered one of the best opportunities for both Employers and candidates. The German School in Dokki (DEO) alumni in collaboration with JOBMASTER hosts annually the VEDEO Employment Fair.

Employers can fulfill their employment needs with graduates of Egypt’s best established and esteemed German, French and English schools; where a talent pool of prospective candidates of different levels (juniors, seniors, Managers and Senior Managers) across different industries in the market, await your interaction.

On the other side it’s a great opportunity for candidates to show their qualifications to the most reputed companies in Egypt and enhance their professional careers.

This is the 12th Year for The VEDEO Employment Fair and the attendees range is from 1500 to 2000 language speakers. 

                     3.Vocational Employment & Training Fair

JOBMASTER proudly offers organizations the chance to find excellent vocational candidates, vacancies as well as training opportunities provided by the best employers and the most renowned vocational training centers.

The Fair aims to help private companies looking for vocational and technical workers meet a large number of job seekers in different technical and vocational fields. In addition, it allows both private companies and job seekers to connect with vocational training centers, experts and learn more about the technical and vocational training programs provided. In addition, specialized seminars & workshops will be held in parallel during the days of the Vocational Employment and Training Fair.

There is no doubt that the Egyptian economy constantly needs the experience of outstanding vocational workforce. JOBMASTER always seeks ideal opportunities to achieve that. We all hope and look forward to see you at the 3rd Vocational Employment and Training Fair, contribute to our efforts towards the progress and welfare of our beloved Egypt.  

                    4.Mostakbalna فى Baladna

We believe that there is an incomparable value when an event combines a professional goal and a charitable aim and this is why Mostakbalna فى Baladna has become a date to which many companies, candidates and club members look forward to.  

                    5.The 1st New Cairo “Get Closer”

As always, JOBMASTER keenly exerts effort aiming for the development of the Egyptian community and its efficient workforce to serve the society and achieve aspired economic progress.

It is widely known that the geographical factor is an important part of the decision making process when it comes to employment. Candidates apply for jobs near their residence hoping to save time and resources and keep the balance between their careers amd personal social lives. Candidates who live in New Cairo (Katameya and 5th Settlement) are welcome to find great job opportunities in their area. Our candidates are carefully selected, prescreened and chosen according to the qualifications that best suit available vacancies.

JOBMASTER believes in the Egyptian workforce, for it gladly continues to nourish it as a fundamental asset. 

                    6.The 1st Smart Jobs Employment Fair

                    JOBMASTER introduces the Smart Village Employment Fair; the first Fair to be carried out at the                               Smart Village Conference Center as part of JOBMASTER's constant effort towards developing the                           Egyptian community as well as maintaining efficient workforce to serve our society and achieve                                 aspired economic welfare.

                    The geographical factor plays an important role in saving time, costs and effort, adding to the overall                        performance of both companies and candidates. Candidates residing in 6th October and Giza can                          find great employment opportunities in the Smart Village to maintain a work/ life balance by reducing                      transportation costs and commute time.

                      Attendees of our fairs who preferably reside in nearby areas are carefully prescreened and selected                       to the high standards of reputable companies. Hence, candidates are chosen and invited based on                         qualifications that best fit offered vacancies.

                      We believe in the power of the Egyptian workforce and continue to do our best to make use of such a                       crucial asset. 

Candidates Registration



Employers Automated System


·         Registering Employers Online

·         Filling Booklet format online (company profile, vacancies, representatives, working conditions and how to apply)

·         Uploading ads & logos online

·         Uploading floor plan, email guide & clients benefits

·         Auto Matching between candidates & vacancies offered

·         Generating reports & analysis

·         Automating reports between fair team, Business development and Accounting

·         Auto reminder and notifications before deadlines

·         Auto numbering for the booklet format

·         Generating list of vacancies

·         Generating final booklet format

·         Supportive back office with search engine and adding extra benefits

·         Uploading floor plan, email guide & clients benefits







•          Invitation Based Events: Only invited jobseekers are able to attend based on the pre-screening stage to ensure the availability of matching candidates for the job openings and requirements.


•          Comprehensive participation packages: Including organization and assistance before, during and after the event. This includes comprehensive event booklet, floor plan, and daily event plan and post event analysis.


•          Diversity of fairs: We have organized fairs for diverse clients with different requirements and needs. These fairs include the Rotary Employment fairVocational Employment and Training fair, the VEDEO fair , MIU fair., The 1st New Cairo “Get Closer” Employment Fair and The 1st Smart Jobs Employment Fair


•          A wide variety of Approach Levels: We are able to tailor our approach to the needs of different levels including Top management and Middle management as well as Fresh Graduates, juniors and seniors.


•          Employer branding and Positioning: Throughout the event, we are keen on highlighting our client’s company branding philosophy and positioning.


•          A permanent and regularly updated database: Including all references and information related to the employment fairs.