JOBMASTER provides the most suitable candidates for the Employers’ required job positions through Employment Advertisements.  Organizations are thus able in turn to choose the most qualified candidates to fill their announced vacancies. Employment Advertisements are also important because it helps in building the employment branding, expanding the exposure to obtain a large pool of candidates to the maximum, and building a long-term data-base that can provide support for future needs.


How we do it


JOBMASTER in cooperation with its client will start to identify the criteria needed for the position announced in the Employment Advertisement. These are the criteria upon which candidate CVs will be evaluated.  JOBMASTER will then design the final layout for the Employment Ad upon receiving the client’s approval. Selection of media channels will be based on the nature of candidates requested by the client for his employment need. The process is accompanied by contacting the print media to coordinate all the logistics.


JOBMASTER will start its screening process through its expert staff that will be responsible for the following:


  • Screening all received CVs and classifying them into two categories:  “Matching the criteria required” or “Not Matching the criteria required.” This will be decided based on variables such as age, education, military service status, gender, etc.


  • Candidates who fall in the “Matching the criteria required” category will be subject to a second screening process. In this phase JOBMASTER HR consultants will interview the best candidates per position and classify them into different levels along with an assessment report:


         -   A level (Highly Recommended)

         -   B level (Acceptable)

         -   C level (Not Recommended)


JOBMASTER will finally provide the client with the screened CVs as agreed upon previously, along with a report which includes all the statistics required.


By implementing the above-mentioned plan it will allow the client to better benefit of JOBMASTER’s experienced HR consultants in similar employment projects, as well as obtaining a long term database for all advertised positions.



What we deliver


  • The Entire Applied Database.
  • Shortlist for matching candidates per each position.
  • Assessment Report for all interviewed candidates.
  • Analysis for all the workflow of the Employment Advertisement.



  • JOBMASTER is known for its distinguished approach to the market


  • JOBMASTER has more than a decade of experience in conducting EAPs and running them smoothly and effectively. This is due to the strong understanding of the various published media, their value and nature and our HR consultants’ ability to match them to company requirements, culture and image.


  • JOBMASTER has always been able to achieve the optimum choice for the client. Starting with a clear definition of the job profile, the required specifications, our HR consultancy Team may also revise and recommend the suitable compensation package matching it with current market status based on JOBMASTER Annual Salary & Benefits Survey.


  • As SHL’s Business Partner in Egypt and the Middle East JOBMASTER’s recruitment experts always execute assessments through various tools and activities that in turn increase the weight of all kinds of screening/filtration and selection processes.