Payroll management is one of the primary HR activities as well as one of the main Outsourcing services that JOBMASTER provides. It existed even prior to the introduction of the term of Human Resources.  Till today it is still considered one of the most influential activities for employees. In many cases, it may create friction between employees and management and affect the Human Capital of any organization.


You can consider payroll as the routine process of transferring rewards from the company account to employees’ bank accounts, or you can consider it as the implementation part of the compensation and benefits system within your company. Although the two seem technically the same, but behavior gains much more importance in the latter definition.


In all cases, Compensation and Benefits Management’s first role is to understand and analyze the existing payroll, then, to try to fix its malfunction.


What we do at JOBMASTER, is simply keep an eye on the compensation and benefits throughout the implementation of the payroll activities. We are not just managing the process mechanically, but we are trying to always implement the compensation and benefits system by monitoring any deviation from the system and suggesting on the spot actions.


How we do it


The JOBMASTER team will examine the current payroll items. This may include company policy for financial benefits such as deductions, loans, allowances, attendance, etc.  Finally, we will agree upon the payroll and report formats which will be delivered during the monthly implementation.


On the other hand, we will also discuss the contact channels with involved parties mainly the finance department and personnel.


Process constrains and deadlines must be explored to provide a service that is synchronized with the company’s existing processes.


Step (1):

On a monthly basis, we will collect payroll agreed upon for influential items on a specified cut-off date.


Step (2):

The JOBMASTER team will review the collected data and ask for clarifications if any.


Step (3):

We will process the received data and deliver the payroll sheet at a specified monthly date and according to the agreed upon formats.


Step (4):

We will generate analysis reports.


What we deliver


  • Monthly payroll sheets.
  • Periodic analysis reports.
  • Incident reports (when applicable).



  • As an external party, JOBMASTER can guarantee full confidentiality.
  • A guarantee of service continuity.
  • Service can be extended to any other company branch with the same level and quality of implementation and with no need for extended knowledge transfer.
  • Generation of analysis report and proposing solutions when applicable.