Over the last period, at JOBMASTER we tried several job evaluation techniques and models with the objective to structure a comprehensive approach to Compensation and Benefits modelling  which benefits from our on-job experience, theoretical background, and other recognized HR Consultancy bodies. In fact, each approach has its own edges as well as draw backs. This means that the process of designing a complete salary structure for any organization cannot be regarded as a mechanical or standardized procedure. In fact, it is like an architecture who is tailoring his design according to the surrounding parameters keeping in mind the initial methodology guidelines, and building on his practical experience.


JOBMASTER job evaluation model is based on the 9-Dimensions model to translate each job into quantitative expressions enabling the process of creating cross functional levels. Here, as a Human Resources Consultancy we rely on the principle that the “Consultant’s Common Sense” is used to fine tune the job evaluation outcome.



How we do it




What we deliver


  • Positions leveling matrix
  • Salary & Benefits scheme