Succession Planning and Career Path are two faces of the same coin. On one side, Succession Planning is the side that is of concern for the organization, while Career Path is the other side which is of concern to the employee. One of the critical roles of HR managers is to ensure readiness for any business expansion needs, and to avoid damage resulting from resignation of any critical positions holders especially in today’s business environment where, the average period spent per position is less than 2-3 years. On the other hand, employees are becoming very ambitious and eager to climb the hierarchy and the management average age is much younger than before. Additionally being stuck in the same position for long periods of time is the main reason for many departures.


As a result of these conditions, Succession Planning and Career Path are extremely important topics. The JOBMASTER approach is to operate in two parallel paths. One is to identify critical positions and the other is to nominate potential employees.


The end product of this service is to have filled in pipelines for critical positions, and to recommend areas where we need to hire successors. Since Succession Planning is an on-going process, therefore, we need to frame policies and procedures to guarantee the proper implementation of the system.




How we do it








  • Succession planning policy and procedures.
  • List of critical positions.
  • List of talent pool (based on assessment center outcomes).
  • Personal Development Plan for talent pool (based on assessment center outcomes).





  • Assessment Experience: Extensive experience in Assessment.
  • SHL Partners: Partnership with the largest worldwide assessment provider SHL in Egypt and Middle East.