Assessment testing or development centers are the current trend in many organizations in different industries to assess both candidate and employee competencies. Organizations look for the most efficient way to find the proper candidate and the right potential. Such a tool provides a 70% accuracy rate in measuring competencies.


Organizations have started to shift their mindset when looking at selection. It is no longer looked at through a cost perspective but it has rather become an investment perspective. Many organizations are now ready to invest in the selection and development processes that will provide a high ROI.


The objective of this service is to conduct an unbiased evaluation of a group of employees by trained consultants, using Assessment methods and techniques. These Assessments will help organizations reach the most accurate selection and development decisions.



The used methodology ensures fairness, objectivity, consistency and reliability.






Participants are evaluated in different situations and exercises by different assessors and in varied business situations.

Scores represent the evidence of all assessors involved in the process.

All competencies and behavior indicators are clearly defined.

Exercises are mapped to the competencies and scoring is defined.

All assessors are trained on the exercises and on a standard way of handling the different situations in the exercises.

A calibration or integration session is conducted by all assessors to agree on scoring for each behavior indicator, competency and define final candidate profile.

The accuracy rate of the Assessment Center in identifying strengths and areas of development is more than double when compared to the rate of the normal structured interviewing process.



How we do it


An Assessment Center is a sophisticated process for rating candidates' performance against a set of competencies. The method by which it is designed aims to minimize as many forms of potential bias as possible and to ensure that each candidate is given an equal opportunity to demonstrate ability across a range of standardized situations.


The Assessment Center focuses on a set of varied exercises, which are designed to simulate different aspects of the work environment. Assessment Centers embrace the concept of multiple inputs:


·         Assessment are based on several dimensions

·         A variety of Assessment tools are used 

·         Several assessors are involved

·         The information is integrated

In summary, it is a process that involves multiple candidates, multiple exercises, multiple sources of information along with specifically defined objectives or performance criteria that are thoroughly reviewed by multiple assessors who present integrated evidences, leading to a fair, objective,  non-personal and consistent measurement of different competencies



What we deliver




Standard reports will be delivered to the client, including a capability/competency matrix for each employee indicating their present capability levels aligned to the client standards (Assessment scores). These reports may also include a general competency matrix comparing the employees as a group to the international norms, as well as individual measurements against each competency or behavior indicator.


Individual narrative reports might be provided at additional cost.


Feedback sessions:  


In order to gain a deeper understanding of the Assessment results and discuss a progress plan, a feedback session is provided, to discuss the Assessment outcomes and allow candidates to gather more information about the their strengths and areas of development .This session is conducted by a certified assessor, who goes deeper into the discussions with the candidates, in order to pinpoint the specific areas of development and possible development approaches.










  • Our Assessors:  JOBMASTER retains 16 internal full time qualified assessors.
  • Language:  Arabic and English Tools are available accordingly and we may conduct the Assessment Centers in both languages.
  • Flexibility/Time to Implement: Preparing Assessment, delivering reports and feedback sessions according to customer needs even with limited time.
  • References and Records: More than 3000 Assessment Days was conducted covering more than 10,000 Employee in different companies in the Region whether public/governmental or private/multinational.
  • Tailored Solutions: JOBMASTER tailors the Assessment tools, behavior indicators, reports and set up to meet the customer needs and requirements. Additionally, we tailor Assessment Centers based on company specific competency frameworks.
  • Research and Development: The R&D function within JOBMASTER helped us develop our own reliable and valid Assessment tools, which match domestic culture and needs.
  • Segmentation: We serve companies in several sectors including, Telecom, IT, Banking, Pharmaceutical and FMCG.
  • Technology: Automated Assessment Center System (back-office) helps us have a high level of accuracy and speed in delivering the reports.
  • Local & Regional Market Knowledge: JOBMASTER has been running Assessment Centers in Egypt, Dubai and Saudi Arabia since 2004, which makes us one of the first Egyptian Assessment Companies.
  • Business partner SHL: JOBMASTER is SHL Business Partner in Egypt and the Middle East with experience in conducting Assessment Centers for more than 6 years in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.