Ring Holding

“The name of "JOBMASTER" is genuinely representing the services that I am having from this unique organization.  Having their services in Recruitment, or Business Process Improvement, or Salary Survey made my performance more professional, and helped me to "Master" my "Job".

 I have been working in Europe, Gulf, North Africa, and Egypt for more than fifteen years where I worked with similar services provider, but the main difference was that JOBMASTER was keen to serve and make difference not to sell and gain money.

 All the workforce of this idealistic organization has a great spirit and is very much tied up to it.  No wonder, their management is too great to be forsaken. I am taking this organization for granted; they are always there for me, with great affection and practical experience in all domains of Management and Human Resources.

Enjoy working with the “JOBMASTER.”


-Hisham Salah

-Group HR & Administration Director